False Faces

People are chameleon-like. We tend to hide our true selves because the thought of being vulnerable, rejected and taken advantage of terrifies us. We barricade ourselves with walls and impenetrable armors, self-mechanisms to protect oneself from outside risks. We wear masks that hide us for a while as needed, but we can never keep the masks longer than we should. There are different masks for different occasions and these masks are for varying facets of ourselves and behavior that we think would suit a certain situation. We hide our true selves because of our own fears and insecurities, passing up on good people because we’re so scared to step out of the grandma lane. We put our own guards up and barricade ourselves with walls, but then secretly want others to see through the facade.

Our masks have interstices that we do not realize and it is only a matter of time before someone sees through these cracks, sees our real self behind the false face. Masks, as concealing as they are, have cracks and we are meant to pry these cracks apart. Sometimes, we even have to take the masks off entirely and just take the full plunge, head first.


What do you think?

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