Star Gazer

The people that love us never really leave us.

Once one perishes, his body is buried under the soil.

His soul is perennial and will continue to live on forever,

His energy initially the Universe’s, indestructible and everlasting.

Your very molecules in your body were once the centers of high mass stars

That exploded their particles into the galaxy.

So no, you aren’t leaving, you aren’t leaving at all.

You are coming home.

You will not be the person that I have known,

For you will now be everything and anything around me.

You will be the sea and the waves,

The air that I’ll breathe, the scent that I will smell.

You will be the storm and thunder, lightning and deluge.

I wouldn’t be lying if I told you,

I’ll never be afraid of dancing in the rain.

You will be nightfall and sunrise

But even more, you will be the iridescent stars

That’ll permeate the dark skies

And I, I will be your star gazer.


What do you think?

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